Maybe you’re like me. Maybe every day in some way you feel like a newly fallen turnip. A rookie. A beginner. A little wet behind the ears. When I had a baby, I glanced over my shoulder to discover regurgitated breast milk dripping down my back. That’s when everything — not just motherhood — seemed a little more important. A little more up in a ponytail. A little more up in the air.

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Are Bodies Necessary?

“Yips,” said Drew, for the fourth time. “Yips.” I know he is referring to “lips,” as in he is wanting to watch the Veggie Tales movie entitled “I Love My Lips.” It actually sounds more like “Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-PS” (insert giant gasp) because of his stuttering. Problem is, Drew has already watched two videos this morning, he…   read more

Late-Term Loneliness

I realized today — while folding laundry and feeling smug about it — why I have my babies in the late summer. It’s because I’ve always loved back-to-school. And having a new baby is a lot like going back for a new year in a new grade with a new teacher and new gear and…   read more

Something I Should Say and Something You Should Say Too

I asked Gordon last night what he thought I should write about today, saying, “You know, what kinds of things have I been complaining about this week?” Because that’s usually the best place to look when beginning a blog. “Where do I begin?” was his answer. Touché. But then he reminded me of this past…   read more

Why Evangeline Lilly Wants Your Life

“When are you coming?” asked the elderly lady at the lab. She had just gotten her blood drawn, and I had just drunk massive amounts of tepid flat sugar-water to test my blood glucose. I assumed that the phrase “When are you coming?” in context, must be a 95-year-old way to ask when are you…   read more

All Moms are Inside-Out Nuns

But only if they have a mind to think of themselves that way. By being a nun, I obviously don’t mean we moms are celibate. I think that’s been pretty much overturned by the evidence at hand, though some husbands would still argue to the contrary. Neither do I mean we moms are Catholic. Some…   read more

Pregnant with a Stomach Bug (And a House for Sale)

APPROACHING DROP ZONE. APPROACHING DROP ZONE. APPROACHING DROP ZONE. Thus spake one of Drew’s most annoying toys the other day as Gordon and I were flying around the house like a couple of bats, whisking the place in order for the first showing of our home since November. A house that I believe, contrary to…   read more