Maybe you’re like me. Maybe every day in some way you feel like a newly fallen turnip. A rookie. A beginner. A little wet behind the ears. When I had a baby, I glanced over my shoulder to discover regurgitated breast milk dripping down my back. That’s when everything — not just motherhood — seemed a little more important. A little more up in a ponytail. A little more up in the air.

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I Don’t Want To Teach Them This

I am angry the first week in January when I visit the gym. Bothered. Here are all these new strangers on the machines, in new workout gear, fresh hangs of holiday flesh bulging in the Spandex unapologetically, and their faces sporting smug looks of cool determination as they monopolize the elliptical machines. MY elliptical machine,…   read more

Why Becoming a Sherpa Is Not an Option

Last week at our music class, Things One and Two and I met a skinny blonde lady who is the mother to five children — which she delivered without drugs — and is preggers with her sixth. Her SIXTH. That’s half-a-dozen, six-to-one, higher-than-Drew-can-count, bottom-wallopin’ SIX. And she was in skinny jeans, the wizardess. Did I…   read more

Your First Postnatal Gyno Visit: 7 Things You Need to Know

If there’s anything that improves with pregnancy, it’s the sense of smell. But if there’s anything that improves with delivering a baby, it’s the sense of hearing. I’ve actually awakened seconds BEFORE my babies started crying in the night, so acute were my ears. Which means by the time you’ve been discharged from the hospital…   read more

Are Bodies Necessary?

“Yips,” said Drew, for the fourth time. “Yips.” I know he is referring to “lips,” as in he is wanting to watch the Veggie Tales movie entitled “I Love My Lips.” It actually sounds more like “Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-PS” (insert giant gasp) because of his stuttering. Problem is, Drew has already watched two videos this morning, he…   read more