A Way Made

April 2015

Last week, I heard a friend say that God isn’t afraid of us. That was so interesting to me. I thought about it for a whole week. God isn’t afraid. Of us.

I, for one, am very afraid of us. I see a future ablaze with fire, a world melting into the pit; both in Nigeria and Iraq but also in my own brain and family. There is so much that scares me about who I might (or might not) become, so much that militates against hope and peace and life, that if I sit and ponder what COULD happen, where we COULD all end up in a year or two, I really might stop breathing. And if just one little mother is hanging in the balance over here in my sticky kitchen, my hunch is a lot of the rest of us are, too. The good ones of us, the upstanding citizen ones of us, the down-and-outs, the good-for-nothings, the evilest-evils. We’re all scary.

But God is not afraid.

Jesus was notoriously engaged with unstable, dangerous people during his ministry. People were afraid of Jesus because of the company he kept. Tax collectors, Samaritans, prostitutes, adulterers, Roman guards, Gentiles, women — all of these odd ducks and ugly ducklings featured heavily on Jesus’ social and ministry calendar. Long ago, they had circled the wagons around their own kind. Then suddenly, their wall was breached. A bold person was standing there before them, smiling, full of good things to say about their futures.

It reminds me of the fabulous old Don Moen refrain:

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see;
He will make a way for me.

Even for me.

For even the worst of us, God will make a way. For even the most awkward or unfathomable, God will make a way. He’s the first responder to the bomb threat of our life. The call is in; he approaches the detonator, knows just what wires to cut. His eye is unflinching, his hand deft and sure. He knows the jumble of white, yellow and blue. He makes us safe again, sets us free to play on swing-sets and slides.

Do you believe this is possible? For a member of ISIS? For your boss? For you?

Grace isn’t a deserved commodity in any conceivable economy. Grace is about who Jesus is, not about who we are. It’s about his skill set, his expertise, his initiative. He will have mercy on whom he will have mercy. And the history of God’s mercy in Scripture is unexpected and unpredictable; paths springing up in out-of-the-way places for people I’d have written off.

So let’s not be afraid. If God isn’t afraid, if he’s making a way, for us and for THEM and for everyone else, let’s just all settle down. Let’s sit with him a while.


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