Auditioning 101: Avoid it if You Can (And You Can’t)

The following post is part of a guest blog for my dear friend Sarah at She is kicking off a fantastic series for Creative-types to help inspire, challenge, and inform the creative process no matter what your creative outlet may be. And for you actor/singer types, you know there’s one part of the process you love to hate: the audition.

The performing life is one of great uncertainty and virulent, Ebola insecurity. A performer is first uncertain and insecure about whether they are, in fact, a performer. Or just another wannabe. Doesn’t everyone sing? Doesn’t everyone want to be famous? We question our motivations, we assume we are narcissistic and completely deluded. I mean, really. How embarrassing. To think I want to do and be something that every eight-year-old tells their mommy they want to do and be. I really can’t imagine wanting to be anything worse, except wanting to be a writer. And I want to be that, too.

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