Jack-O-Yanterns Trump Yightning

Halloween is not Drew’s favorite holiday. I dropped him off at school yesterday and he would barely sit on the steps with his costume-wearing classmates, much less wear a costume on his own. For weeks people have been asking who he is going as for Halloween, and for weeks he has been saying “Yightning” — I bought him an expensive Lightning McQueen costume. Last night, however, Drew went as nothing but himself, mop of hair, dimples and all, and really didn’t “go” anywhere. He spent the evening playing games on my computer, refusing to even go next door to trick-or-treat:

He wouldn’t even come outside and greet trick-or-treaters. When my mother asked him on Sunday if he was going trick-or-treating and he said NO, he said the reason was because “of the scary costumes.” I can’t say I blame him; one kid showed up on our doorstep with a skull face that bled real stage blood.

Madeline, on the other hand, had a great time greeting trick-or-treaters with her signature toothy grin and Queen Mother wave. This is her costume, and it remained in tact for approximately 45 seconds:

I would have put her in the green velour jumpsuit to complete the daisy motif, but because it is Texas and is 79 degrees outside, and due to the local mosquito direct sales convention in my front yard, Madeline never really achieved a “stem.” She was just a boring old baby in a flower face, channeling Anne Geddes circa 1995. (I guess it could be worse. She could be naked and slumbering in a head of cabbage.) She DID have fun with Daddy.

On Sunday, we carved pumpkins. The best part of this task for Madeline was spooning out the pumpkin seeds onto the flagstone:

She liked how slimy they were and how mommy seemed intimidated by them. Drew also enjoyed the scooping process, but more for the mess it made. His favorite part of carving a pumpkin is putting the top back on — a perfect fit every time.

Gordon grew up with this pumpkin-carving tradition; so did I, but with less fondness. I think the part he likes the most is the wielding a sharp knife to achieve a goal that isn’t peeling my grapes individually. (I only make him do that on Sundays.)

When they were done, we had a perfect jack-o-lantern that looks like Thing Two with its prominent teeth and cheeks; Drew calls it our “Jack-a-yantern”, and he is very proud, as you can see.

But Madeline, who was destined to have a much better night on actual Halloween, decided to get her Queen Mother on and threw a fit. She was tired, angry, and had had that scooping spoon yanked out of her hands one too many times. There’s only so much a girl can take.

(I love this picture because Drew looks so resigned and tired; an old soul who has seen many a tantrum from his little sister. It warms my heart and makes me want to reread Anna Karenina.)

Well, time to go back away the Yightning costume. It’s probably stuffed somewhere behind the refrigerator.

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