Gnaw-able Headware and Cake Prudery: Thing Two Turns One

I mentioned in a post last week that Madeline has Lauren Hutton teeth. I think this picture from her birthday party proves my point:

What can I say? She’s a supermodel in the making. And if she keeps her pudgy figure and her patchy hair and never grows another tooth, she’ll still be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Thing Two’s first birthday party went the way of all summer birthday parties: poolside. The pool sounded so quaint — so fun and festive — back in June when the heat index was not rivaling that of Death Valley. The day before her party, we heard of a man who placed balls of cookie dough on a baking sheet in his car before he went into the office. At the end of the day he had perfect melt-in-your mouth chocolate chip cookies, and has probably already started a blog about cooking in your car. Or a blog about the kinds of cancers one might get from eating food cooked by vinyl/upholstery convection.

So yea. The pool was hot. But it was no reason not to look fabulous.

In a moment of inspiration I had purchased this big ol’ bow for Maddie’s head that matched her swimsuit perfectly. I think this is the only picture where the bow actually managed to stay on her head and not get stuffed into her sizeable mouth, which is probably why I look so happy. I’m thinking, yay, the bow!

We did cupcakes for party guests and a small 4” round cake for Madeline herself (thank you Blue Bonnet Bakery!). When we sang Happy Birthday to Drew at his first birthday party, it sent him into hysterics and I had to put him to bed. Madeline, however, observed everyone singing to her like you would if a group of aliens started clicking their mandibles together in unison to honor you. You would think, hey, this is pretty cool, pretty interesting, pretty different. Can I suck on my bow now?

This picture captures her reaction to the cake:

What? I’m allowed to touch this thing of beauty and besmirch it, my fingers and everything else around me? Mommy, be honest, have you just given up?

Such a priss, that one. But after her first bite with a proper fork, she got all blissed out in a chocolate euphoria and let down her guard.

My whole approach to party planning is basically reverse psychology. I tell myself we’re not going to make it a big deal, we’re not going to go all out, we’re just going to keep it small and simple and pretend not to care all that much. Then the day comes and I’m re-curling the party favor ribbons because they seem a little too happy-go-lucky and not as business-minded as I would like. I’m agonizing over: one, or TWO handfuls of confetti? Is the vision for the cake table sparse understatement or cheery abundance? WHAT IS MY MOTIVATION WITH THIS WHOLE ENSEMBLE? And suddenly I’m having a Sunset Boulevard moment before I can say “Mr. DeMille.”

Maybe I should try reverse-reverse psychology and tell myself this party is going to be the fete of a lifetime and then maybe my inner slacker will take over from there and bring a little balance. But that would just drive Gordon to drink.

This picture really represents my final goal to a T: quiet fascination, relaxation, simple happiness, and a killer neckline.

Happy birthday Mae-Wheesh/Thing Two. Big Girl.
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4 Comments to “Gnaw-able Headware and Cake Prudery: Thing Two Turns One”
  1. Amy says:

    You have beautiful kids – and happy birthday, Madeline!

    And your inner slacker? Methinks you do not possess one of those, friend. I can loan you mine, though, and maybe I’ll get something done.

    Love your posts. (But how in the world are we old enough for you to have a family of 4? Didn’t we just move out of Mosher?!?)


    • Julie Rhodes says:

      Thanks Amy!!! I know, it’s so weird right? Can you believe it’s been 12 years since Mosher Chick Fil A, creepy suitemate boyfriends and Saint Simon’s Island? Hope you are well.

  2. Honey says:

    And a very fine party it was – and for a perfectly beautiful angel girl (just like her mother)!

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