Julie Rhodes

Julie Rhodes on noob mothering, rookie faith, and life in a ponytail.

I’m not sure you really feel like a parent until your child begins piano lessons. Diaper changing, medicine administration, and storybook reading are mere warm-ups for presiding over a piano practice session. To stand over a child’s shoulder and endure every painful note, and every painful pause between every painful note, is the definition of…   read more

Cod is Back

I passed a Wendy’s three weeks ago, and on the sign with the interchangeable letters was written: “Cod is back.” I’m not sure why management thought this message would be particularly attractive to humans driving by, but perhaps those who own Wendy’s franchises are statistically not B.A.’s in Marketing. Nevertheless, cod was back. There it…   read more

A Cow Named Kisses

Yesterday, my husband and I took our kids Drew (9) and Madeline (6) to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. As Fort Worthians, we find it’s almost a necessary outing each year, like a holy pilgrimage. For all of its cowboy culture and history, Fort Worth is really pretty cosmopolitan. You don’t just stumble…   read more

How To Breathe

It took me 75 years to find contentment,” she said, glancing around the table. We were listening, our pens ready to write wisdom. “How did you finally find it?” our table leader asked. My friend, who is 77 years old, shrugged her shoulders like someone who has decided on this watermelon over that watermelon at…   read more

The Only Possible Life

The other day, my husband came home with a three-ring binder from a business coaching group to which he belongs. He plopped it down beside me on the couch: “Personal Life Planner” it said on the cover. It beckoned to me. It had a picture of a bald eagle soaring majestically, apparently above the heads…   read more

I Am Remembered

In recent weeks, I have launched a massive passive-aggressive campaign against my husband. Up until about six weeks ago in our 12-year marriage, there has been a quiet, mostly unspoken agreement that we would remain dog-less, much as some people choose to remain childless. But, like so many things in our particular marriage, Gordon has…   read more


I was talking to a friend last night. He is an actor. He is serious about his girlfriend and is thinking about marriage and kids. He was asking me my thoughts — when should all this unfold? “There’s no perfect time to get married and no perfect time to have kids,” I heard myself saying,…   read more

Even While They Watch

In the 23rd Psalm, the writer says to God, “You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.” God — host-God, table-setting God, banquet-setting God — he spreads a feast for us in the presence of enemies. The Psalmist King David was perhaps talking about political enemies or actual, enemy-enemies of the…   read more

Theater Review: Billy’s Globe House’s “Goldilocks and the Three Clowns”

“Brush your HAIR,” I told my kids yesterday morning. “We are going to the THEATER.” It’s hard to imagine more wonderful words than, “We are going to the THEATER,” isn’t it? Especially after a week like this one. Lately, the Rhodes family really hasn’t done much brushing of anything. To quote an old favorite, it’s…   read more

A couple weeks ago, the world said goodbye to a fighter. Now, make no mistake, I am a theater-loving, violence-eschewing, girly-girl who thinks boxing is decidedly NOT cute. The blood, the sweat, the brain damage — ew. Why? Someone must tell me WHY. But because I have always admired athletes in general (as an otherworldly…   read more